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Chicago Clerkships is a subsidiary of Southeast Business Group, Inc.


Chicago Clerkships’ Required Fees, for rotations beginning on January 1, 2012

Rotation placement fees

• 4-week placement : $1900 ($475/week)
• 8-week placement or two 4-week placements: $3600 ($450/week)
• 12-week placement or three 4-week placements: $5100 ($425/week)

Rotation fees include

• Medical malpractice insurance coverage
• Housing placement assistance
• CV review and editing
• Personal statement review and editing
• Drug testing (when required by placement site)

Chicago Clerkships’ OPTIONAL Service Fees

• Airport pick-up: $40
• Career counseling individualized telephone conference sessions: $500

Chicago Clerkships’ A LA CARTE services for those who are not using our rotation placement service:

• CV review and editing: $200
• Personal statement review and editing: $300

Additional expenses you should plan on incurring:

• Rent: $500 - $700 per month, depending on location, amenities, etc. Chicago Clerkships offers housing placement in homestays, all of which are either $500 or $600 per month
• Background check: $20 or Police Report: Generally free from your local police department.
• Travel medical insurance: depends on age, health status, etc.

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